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750, 3rd Street SE
Medicine Hat, Alberta
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We Create The Buzz

We are a full service marketing company whose creative team provides an array of experience and services for any organization or business.

Setting the Standard

We have enhanced the standard of what clients can, and should, expect from a marketing agency by providing outstanding results that are in-line with the client’s core values.

The Way We Operate

Many clients require services from all three segments which are very nicely coordinated into one cohesive approach.

We Create the BUZZ

Place the buzz in your content and get your story heard
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Buzz Worthy Talent

At Sandfly Marketing, we are not your typical design agency. We are a fully integrated marketing firm.

Results Driven

Our creative process begins with research, planning and development, and ends with execution of desirable results.

Our Creative Departments

Sandfly Marketing is segmented into three divisions: Branding and Promotion, Website Design and Social Media, and Business Services.
Myrna Stark
Owner and Operator
Maxine Dies
Senior Designer
Matthew Stark
Marketing & Social Media

Let’s Work Together

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