Social Media Marketing


Our job is to position your business on social media platforms so that you have more time to spend growing your business.


We will create posts to generate engagement and interaction based on your website content and other related information.


We will design social media campaigns, distinctive subject matter and special interest posts that appeal to your target market.


Assess the details concerning your social activity, business presence and promotional campaigns.


We will monitor your business’ impact and the reaction to it in social media, and inform you about noteworthy issues.


We will help to develop, create, and manage your social media advertising campaigns.

Being ‘social’ allows your business to become a part of the community and local culture.

Social Media Packages

  • $199/ Monthly
  • Stage 1
    • The Level 1 package is ideal for start-ups and individuals that have a limited budget but want to affordably promote their brand, product and services on one or two platforms.
    • 3 posts per week.
    • Owner is interested in posting infrequently.
    • Reputation Management.
    • Assistance with Content Creation.
    • Monthly Metric and Analysis Report.
    • No Setup Fee.
    • Month to month.

  • $399/ Monthly
  • Stage 2
    • The Level 2 package is ideal for organizations that want to completely outsource their social media presence to experts and monitor their brand reputation.
    • 6 posts per week.
    • Social media is managed by us.
    • Reputation Management.
    • Content Creation.
    • Monthly Metric and Analysis Report.
    • No Setup Fee.
    • Month to month.
    • Integrated Campaign.
    • Spam monitoring.
    • Social seeding.
    • Client Highlight on Sandfly social media accounts.

  • $399/ PLUS
  • Custom
    • Custom social media packages can be personalized to your needs and requirements. Our social media, website and creative experts will help you select which features work best for you and work within your budget.

Why do you need a social media package for your business?

  • To promote your products and services
  • To create and become part of a community
  • To develop brand recognition
  • To generate leads, encourage interaction and find new customers
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